The volunteer income tax program is a special program that is designed to provide people with assistance completing their tax returns. Certain taxpayers can receive free help by visiting one of the many VITA locations in their neighborhood. Such locations can easily be found inside of schools, libraries, shopping malls, and a wealth of additional locations. Those interested can call or visit the IRS website to find locations in their area.

Who Can Help Through the Volunteer Tax Assistance Program?

The VITA program is available for all persons who may have difficulty with their tax return documents. The parties will have to have annual incomes that are less than $53,000. Friendly professionals can help taxpayers who are disabled or in need of someone to explain complex concepts. Persons who are over 60 years old can receive specialized assistance with matters such as pension and retirement.

How to Prepare for VITA Assistance

A taxpayer should bring certain documents before he or she requests assistance with income taxes. First, the specialists will need to see the person’s personal identification. Therefore, the taxpayer will want to bring a driver’s license and a birth certificate for processing. Next, the person will want to bring any W-2 forms that employers may have given him or her for the previous year’s work. Social Security cards are necessary so that the tax assistant can record the names of any persons that the taxpayer may have taken care of during the year. Dependents can help a taxpayer to receive tax deductions.

The taxpayer will want to bring bank account information if that person would like to receive a refund by direct deposit. Additionally, the person will want to provide a certificate of health care coverage since the government requires people to have healthcare policies. Bringing proof of daycare expenses or educational expenses is advised, as well.

Tax helpers can give kind and compassionate assistance to a person who would like to submit flawless tax returns. Such professionals can train taxpayers to be cognizant of federal procedures so they may complete their taxes by themselves the next year.

Written by taxco